Age of Steam Con 2020

Yep. That's right. A whole con for playing Age of Steam.

With over 150 maps, it will feel like a different game every time.


11414 Kansas Ave,
Kansas City, KS 66111

Date & Time

February 28, 2020, 8:30am -
March 1, 2020, 11:59pm

Over 150 Maps

If it has ever been published, it will be at Age of Steam Con. Any print-and-play or giveaway of note will be there too. If you want it, we'll have it.


What if everything were twice as big? The map, the tiles, the wooden discs, the goods cubes, and even the goods-growth dice.

It's really big.

Free NEW Map

Everyone will get a free copy of the con map. We have a few candidates, but we are going to do a little playtesting before we announce what the map will be.

So Much Age of Steam

That is a lot of AoS. We won't hold it against you if you want to take a break every now and then. If you don't, you'll be able to play 12 games over the 3 day weekend.

7 and 8 player games

With all these AoS players around, it is easy to get some big games in on the normally-hard-to-fill 7 and 8 player maps like Netherlands and Central New England.

Rare Maps

Sharing, 20,000 Rails Under the Sea, and other hard to find maps.

No plastic trains, only wooden discs.

No 18XX

There are other Cons for that. Last year some fillers and Winsome's did get some play between Age of Steam games.

Beginners Welcome

There will be some people who have played AoS over 150 times. There will also be people who have played it a couple times. Everyone is welcome.

The People

Last year 31 people attended AoS Con. This year we are expecting around 40.

The great people are the biggest reason to come to AoS Con.

Pick Your Map

Before the convention, everyone gets to pick two maps that they want to make sure get played. And then we make sure we play them.

The Binder, The Spreadsheet, and The Drawer

There is a printed spreadsheet with abbreviated rules for every map, a binder with the full rules, and a giant file cabinet with all the maps. It doesn't sound that exciting as I type it out, but it is really a site to behold in person.

The Setup

What do you do when you're done playing? Just leave the game out. The next people who play on that table will be playing Age of Steam also.

The Food

I try to contain her, but my mother-in-law loves to cook. Officially she provides breakfast every day and one dinner. Unoffically, there is just a lot of of food around all the time.

The Location

This isn't a lame hotel ballroom. Plenty of space between tables, huge windows, and acres to explore outside if you want some fresh air.

Tables will be providing nice tables to play on during the convention.


11414 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, KS 66111

We loved the location of the con last year, but it was unavailable this year. We were pretty bummed, until we found the new location at the Hollis Renewal Center.

We have more space, a larger kitchen, more time for setup and tear down, and 24-hour gaming. When we saw the ASL games lined up on the directors book shelf, we knew we were in the right place.

The Hollis Center is on 153 acres with several walking trails, but less than 10 minutes from The Legends Shopping Center with a ton of resturants, shops, and hotels. It is about 30 minutes from the airport.

We have set up a Slack to help attendees coordinate carpools to/from airport and hotels, plan food runs, and coordinate non-AoS gaming.



There is a cabin about a quarter mile from the gaming building where some people can sleep. It is far from luxurious, but if you are just looking for an easy place to crash, it will get the job done. 

Check-in 3pm Thursday, checkout noon Monday.

Bedroom 1

Full size bed - $250 for the weekend

Bedroom 2

Twin size bottom bunk - $190 for the weekend

Twin size top bunk - $190 for the weekend

Living Room

2 x Sofa - $130 for the weekend

Floor space for your air mattress - $40 for the weekend


We recommend The Holiday Inn Express at the Legands, it is about 10 minutes drive from the Hollis Center. But there are many options in the area.


We have the luxury of having a schedule since we are all playing the same game and every game takes about the same amount of time to complete.

Why do we have a schedule instead of just open gaming?

1. Gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.
2. Makes it easier to play with different people.
3. Lets you take a break and know when to return to get into a game.

Every time slot will have a few maps scheduled in advance that you can sign-up for just to get the ball rolling, but most maps in each slot will be picked ad-hoc.

You may notice that there is no lunch and dinner is scheduled pretty early. It may seem odd, but we've found this works pretty well with the amount of snack food laying around. Of course, you are free to bring your own food (there is a fridge on site) or head out to a nearby restaurant whenever you want.

4:00 Pm THU


No real details yet. But a bunch of us will be hanging out. Finishing some last minute setup. Maybe playing some games. Eating some food. Hanging out.

Mostly at the con location, but we may take a field trip to a restaurant and/or brewery.

8:30 am Fri


Breakfast casserole, homemade cinnamon rolls, and coffee.

9:00 am Fri

Game Session #1

Featuring: Rust Belt XL, a great intro for newer players.

12:30 Pm Fri

Game Session #2

3:45 PM Fri

Home Cooked Dinner

My mother-in-law is going to make something delicious for us. Menu TDB. - $10

5:00 pm Fri

Game Session #3

8:30 Pm Fri

Game Session #4

Gaming room open 24 hours. You're free to keep playing after this session if you want.

8:30 am Sat


Biscuits and gravy, homemade cinnamon rolls, and coffee.

9:00 am Sat

Game Session #5

12:30 Pm Sat

Game Session #6

3:30 PM Sat

Dinner on your own

We'll provide a list of local restaurants worth checking out.

Or have food delivered and squeeze in some more gaming.

5:30 PM Sat

Game Session #7

Starting a little later to give people time to get back from dinner.

9:00 PM Sat

Game Session #8

Gaming room open 24 hours. You're free to keep playing after this session if you want.

8:30 am Sun


Breakfast burritos, homemade cinnamon rolls, and coffee.

9:00 Am Sun

Game Session #9

12:30 Pm Sun

Game Session #10

3:45 PM Sun

Catered Dinner

From a local BBQ favorite. Burnt ends and other stuff. - $15

5:00 PM Sun

Game Session #11

8:30 PM Sun

Game Session #12

This year we have reserved the location until noon on Monday. So no need to clean up after the last session.

9:00 AM MOn

Clean up

You can help us clean up if you want.



Highlights from Past AoS Cons

2018: 3 days, 21 people, 33 games of Age of Steam, 127 player-games, 29 different maps, 2 bankruptcies, 3 negative scores.

2019: 33 people, 70 games of Age of Steam, 50 different maps, 7 bankruptcies, 2 brand new Age of Steam players

> James Nathan cool series of blog posts about AoS Con 2019 <

> Geeklist of all the games played in 2018 <

> Ricker's Geeklist of his plays in 2019 <

"It was an awesome weekend with a ton of laughs, and I hope there will be more. (and for the record, KC barbecue is the best I've ever had)" -Zak D

"Awesome. It was a ton o’ fun!" -Brad H

"Do we have to wait a whole year to do this again?" -Brian W

"It was absolutely the most fun I've ever squished into such a short span of time. Thanks for everything, and to everyone, you all made this an awesome first con for me." -Bev

"I only wonder what the stat was for number of consumed pans of cinnamon rolls.  Probably best if we don't know, though.  No need for any extra calorie guilt." -Adam S

"It was all great - don't change a damn thing!"

"The people, they were awesome and they love my favorite game. They were good people and played to win, which I love and respect. I love that it was only AoS. I loved having food available and dinner delivered."

"I liked the balance between scheduled and open gaming. It kept things moving without a feeling of imposition "

Thanks to Eagle-Gryphon and John Bohrer  (Winsome Games) for both sending expansion maps to be given to attendees as door prizes and providing a preview copy of the new version of Age of Steam.

Join us on Feb 28 - Mar 1

Con registration is $70 $60 (early bird pricing ends October 1), includes breakfast and snack food.

Catered dinners and on-site lodging can be purchased during the registration process.